Sweet Almond Round Soap

Sweet Almond Round Soap

Moisturizing and decadent, sweet almond fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin. Plus, the vitamin A can help reduce acne. The benefits of sweet almond oil can be appreciated by those with oily, dry, and sensitive skin. This soap is preservative free, made from shavings of Marseille soap and enriched with sweet almond oil. 

The chips are made under the responsibility of a master soap maker, hot, according to ancient methods.

Made with 75% vegetable oils: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil. Sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, 

Soap without dye, without preservative. Hypoallergenic, biodegradable in less than 28 days, anti-bacterial, and recommended by dermatologists to fight dry skin.

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