Carla's True South BBQ Sauce

Carla's True South BBQ Sauce

This authentic Southern BBQ sauce is packed with flavor! Goes great on everything! Try it on pork, chicken, steak, wings, burgers, meatloaf, glazing fish, mashed taters, eggs or dippin'.

Sweet & Smokey 

Where it all began! Our origin al sauce is a great flavor with NO HEAT & not overpowered with smoke or black pepper either. 

Sweet Heat

Truly a "Middle of the Road" heat, for those who DON'T prefer too hot! Milder heat if you cook with it. Hotter heat when you dip in it.


Burn Your Gozzle

For those who LOVE THE BURN but won't sacrifice great flavor. "BYG" allows you to taste your food first....then the sweetness,,,& right about 7 seconds...that wonderful heat kicks in! It quickly settles right back down - to make you want to..."EAT & REPEAT"....Often!

Like our Sweet Heat.....Milder heat when you cook with it & hotter when you dip straight in it.


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