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  • Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

    Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day
    The history and intricacies that make up Valentine's Day are rich and complex, if not slightly odd. From Roman saints to bay leaves, here's a brief compilation of fun facts surrounding this February holiday.
  • Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care

    Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care

    Have you ever thought that you needed a vacation after your vacation? Or that the holidays feel like a giant blur of To Do lists? Maybe you feel like you’re constantly running from one task to the next, barely keeping your head above the water line.

    Here’s your reminder to slooooow down.

  • Move Over Chicken Noodle Soup

    Move Over Chicken Noodle Soup

    There’s nothing quite like 3-day old Thanksgiving turkey to make you swear you’ll buy a smaller bird next year. Every year I vow to get a more appropriately sized turkey for our family gathering, and every year I’m still faced with Pyrex dishes of turkey for days. Thankfully, this year I had a plan for those leftovers that had finally overstayed their welcome.  

  • Practicing Gratitude

    Practicing Gratitude

    If you’re searching to make an improvement in overall health and well-being, a possible solution may be as simple as a daily focused thought. What is the secret behind this method of self-evolution? Gratitude.